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About Seetec Employment and Skills Ireland

Seetec Employment and Skills Ireland deliver Jobpath and Welcome to Work employability and skills programmes across Ireland. 

The Seetec Group has over 30 years of expertise in working with people who are unemployed; helping them to aspire, achieve and make sustainable positive changes to their lives through employment. We bring this expertise to Jobpath and Welcome to Work; working closely with clients to understand their individual circumstances and challenges, helping them to develop personalised plans to find jobs and in the longer term, to develop fulfilling careers.

We are also working closely with Irish employers, large and small, to understand their business needs and help them to meet resourcing challenges by accessing the talent of clients participating in our employability programmes. Our approach is very much employer-led, making sure that we prepare clients to meet employer expectations to help ensure a successful outcome.

In delivering our services to both clients and employers we have developed a number of relationships with partner organisations. This enables us to learn and understand the issues faced within communities and to use local expertise to overcome such barriers – thus bridging the gap between unemployment and the world of work.

Combined, this experience and local knowledge will enable Seetec Employment and Skills Ireland to add real value to the people and communities which we support.