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Working In Partnership

Seetec view stakeholder engagement as critical to the success of our programmes. While employment can tackle many of the needs and barriers that participants may face, it is only one solution. By integrating and aligning our services with other regional and national services significant mutual benefits are created:

• Delivery is met at a local, regional and national level;

• Provision and support for those in need is more connected;

• Duplication of services is avoided;

• Service delivery is cost effective ensuring ‘better for less outcomes’.

During both the implementation and delivery of services, Seetec is engaging with a wide range of organisations to both inform them of the programmes and to identify any areas where we can work together.

This engagement and work with stakeholders will ensure that  provision adds substantial value to the communities it serves.

By partnering with Seetec, organisations can benefit from:

Contracting with a company respected for its quality, approach, integrity and proven management experience as a prime contractor;

Seetec’s culture of listening, supporting and understanding partners, with an ethos of “for providers by providers”;

A commitment to building robust supply chains, retaining the best local organisations;

A commitment to promoting equality and diversity in relation to both our staff and clients via stakeholders across the supply chain.

Service Level Agreements, providing clear contractual objectives and mutual commitments;

Established, efficient payment systems.

Use of Provider Enterprise, Seetec’s bespoke in-house client management software.  Provider Enterprise is designed and developed by Seetec, and we will provide full technical support to all partners;

Minimised paperwork and bureaucracy via an integrated claims and management information system.

Seetec’s accredited supply chain management procedures demonstrate that all of our partnerships are established and managed on a foundation of mutual respect, benefit and open, honest communication.

If you would like to know more about Seetec’s employability programmes and are interested in becoming a partner organisation, contact: Georgina.Murphy@seetec.ie